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FIBERMOD – Angled Fibre Modules

  • FIBERMOD – Angled Fibre Modules

  • OC45bk, OC45wh, OC645bk, OC645wh, OL45bk, OL45wh, OL645bk, OL645wh, OT45bk, OT45wh, OT645bk, OT645wh

  • FIBERMOD angled fibre modules are perfect for connection into industry standard trunking, wall or floor boxes. Angled presentation gives control of fibre bend radius, suitable for use in FTTH, FTTD, data centres, or external campus environments.

  • • Suitable for both multimode and singlemode installations
    • SC, ST and LC versions available
    • Black or white
    • 6C (25 x 38) or “Euro” (25 x 50) sizes

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