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M6 Push Fit Cage Nut Sets

  • M6 Push Fit Cage Nut Sets

  • CageNutPF4bk, CageNutPF4cq, CageNutPF50bk, CageNutPF50cq

  • These push fit “cage” nuts offer fast and convenient mounting in 19” racks and avoid the potential pain and hassle of working with traditional cage nuts.

  • • Weight per:
    Bag of 4: 28g approx. Bag of 50: 350g approx.

    • Dimensions:
    Nut: 14 x 12.5 x 18mm
    Screw: Diameter: 6mm, Length: 20mm
    Washer: Diameter: 14mm, Height: 3mm

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