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Front view of 24 port Cat6 UTP patch panel SFACK240.5pt

Cat6 24 Port UTP 0.5U Coupler Panel

Product Code: SFACK24-0.5
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Cage nuts - Cagenut4PT and Cagenut50PT

M6 Cage Nut Set

Product Code: CageNut4PT, CageNut50PT
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M6 Cage Nut Set, in Black-CageNut4bk, CageNut50bk

M6 Cage Nut Set, in Black

Product Code: CageNut4bk, CageNut50bk
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M6 Push Fit Cage Nut Sets-CageNutPF4bk, CageNutPF4cq CageNutPF50bk CageNutPF50cq

M6 Push Fit Cage Nut Sets

Product Code: CageNutPF4bk, CageNutPF4cq, CageNutPF50bk, CageNutPF50cq
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Cable Management Bars- 4 ring-MCM1U4

Cable Management Bars

Product Code: MCM1U4, MCM1U5
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1U Tool-less Cable Management Bar – 4 ring-MCMt1U4

1U Tool-less Cable Management Bar – 4 ring

Product Code: MCMt1U4
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100mm Steel Recess Brackets, Black-MRB1U100bk

50mm & 100mm Steel Recess Brackets, Black

Product Code: MRB1U50bk, MRB1U100bk
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Brush Strip Panels-MLBbrush-MBrushBK

Brush Strip Panels

Product Code: MBrushBK, MLBbrush
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19” Tool-less Blanking Panel-Mbp1PT-MBP2pt

19” Tool-less Blanking Panel

Product Code: MBP1pt MBP2pt
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