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Image of Cat 6A 90 degree keystone coupler in black SGACK90bk

Category 6/6A UTP 90˚UTP Keystone Coupler

Product Code: SGACK90bk, SGACK90wh
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Low profile panel mount blanking plate KAPMKpk

Low Profile Black Panel Blank

Product Code: KAPMKpk, KAPMKPK#20
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Low profile panel mount keystone adapter front view KAPMBfnl

Low Profile Panel Mount Adaptor for Keystones

Product Code: KAPMbfnl#20, KAPMBfnl
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Cat 6A XLR type plug PGSDbk

Category 6A STP Ruggedised IP66 rated XLR style plug

Product Code: PGSDbk
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Cat 6A UTP socket in black front view SGKbkct

Category 6A UTP Toolless Keystone Socket

Product Code: SGKctBk, SGKctwh
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Front view of Cat 8 24 port socket panel SEF24tk0.5

Cat8 24 Port 0.5U Keystone Patch Panel

Product Code: SEF24TK0.5
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Cat 6a 24 port socket patch panel front view SGF24tk0.5

Cat6a 24 Port 0.5U Keystone Patch Panel

Product Code: SGF24TK0.5
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2 Port shuttered keystone curved faceplate front view KP45K2

Concealed Screw Shuttered Keystone Faceplates

Product Code: KP45K1, KP45K2
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Front view 24 port 0.5u FTP patch panel SGFACK2405pt

Cat6A 24 Port 0.5U STP Coupler Panel

Product Code: SGFACK24-0.5
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Front view of 24 port Cat6 UTP patch panel SFACK240.5pt

Cat6 24 Port UTP 0.5U Coupler Panel

Product Code: SFACK24-0.5
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0.5U 24 Port Unpopulated Keystone Panel

Product Code: FFK24mt0.5pt, FFK24mt0.5ptfp
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