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KPH1L + KPJ2L + KPL4L + KPR0.5L + KPR1L 'Euro Style' Faceplates - White

‘Euro Style’ Faceplates

Product Code: KPH1bk, KPJ2bk, KPL4bk, KPR0.5bk, KPR1bk, KPH1wh, KPJ2wh, KPL4wh, KPR0.5wh, KPR1wh
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SPEEDYLOCK boots and secure lock_ PSDL

SPEEDY LOCK boots and secure lock

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SPEEDY RJ45 Contractor Grade Crimp Tool

Product Code: TRCSPDY4
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SPEEDY RJ45 Ratchet Crimp Tool_TRCSPDY

SPEEDY RJ45 Ratchet Crimp Tool

Product Code: TRCSPDY
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10 pair disconnection strip with screw terminal-237screw

10 pair disconnection strip with screw terminal

Product Code: 237screw
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10 inch wall or desk mountable bracket-MB1U_10

10’’ wall/desk mountable bracket

Product Code: MB1U/10
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12 Port empty keystone panel-FFK12mt_10p

12 Port empty keystone panel

Product Code: FFK12mt/10p
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16 port empty keystone panel – for wider keystones-FFK16mt

16 port empty keystone panel – for wider keystones

Product Code: FFK16mt
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19” Tool-less Blanking Panel-Mbp1PT-MBP2pt

19” Tool-less Blanking Panel

Product Code: MBP1pt MBP2pt
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